Rule 11 Sanctions Denied Because Moving Party Ignores Safe Harbor

REYFF v. MIDWESTERN AUDIT SERVICES, INC., Dist. Court, ED Michigan 2012 – Google Scholar.


Rule 11 contains a safe harbor requiring the party seeking sanctions to give the opposing party 21 days to withdraw an improper pleading.  F.R.C.P. 11(c)(2).

The court explained:

 Rule 11 sanctions are inappropriate here, because Defendant has not complied with the Rule’s mandatory “safe harbor” provision, which requires the party seeking sanctions to provide notice to the offending party by serving the Rule 11 motion on that party at least 21 days before filing the motion with the district court, thereby allowing the offending party 21 days to withdraw or correct the offending conduct. See Fed. R. Civ. P. 11(c)(2). The record does not reflect that Defendant complied with this requirement.”


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