Alan Dershowitz Vows to Clear Name After Sex Abuse Accusation – The Hollywood Reporter

Alan Dershowitz Vows to Clear Name After Sex Abuse Accusation – The Hollywood Reporter.

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that I believe Alan Dershowitz. So often, when allegations of misconduct are made the alleged perpetrator hides behind a lawyer. Here, Dershowitz has stepped up to the plate and has denied the allegations unequivocally. I am predicting that he will prevail in this matter. If the alleged victim is discredited or if the lawyers failed to check phone records or other available information before making their claims, Dershowitz should receive sanctions and other relief. If the victim cannot prove that she was in the same location where Dershowitz was, the claims will collapse quickly. So if the victim is claiming abuse on a certain day in a certain place,  her lawyers better have evidence that she was in that place or they will have a solid sanctions motion against them. For those interested in sanctions jurisprudence, this case will inevitably be instructive. The key inquiry is what work the lawyers did before they made the claims. Did they just interview the witness or did they actually locate corroborating documents?

Dershowitz spent his career defending the rights of criminal defendants, and, civil liberties. Because of that defense work, there are many who dislike him.

Edward X. Clinton, Jr.

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